Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

Mining for Alchemical Gold

“Fairy tales are the purest and simplest expression of collective unconscious psychic processes. Therefore their value for the scientific investigation of the unconscious exceeds that of all other material. They represent the archetypes in their simplest, barest, and most concise form.”
~ Marie Louise Von Franz, ‘Interpretation of Fairy Tales’

An Invitation to join me for a Three Part Program: The brothers Grimm fairytale, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” transports us into the archetypal world of fairy tale; an imaginal landscape richly laden with alchemical secrets in transmutations of our psychological initiations. It offers us a portal to understanding the alchemy inherent in psyche as revealed in the archetypal world of fairy tale, through the Tree of Life allowing for deeper meaning into our dreams and our lives.

Linking the elemental and the cosmological worlds through the Tree of Life we will enter into this beautiful Grimm’s fairytale through ritual, dreams, art, poetry, and music to spark our creative expression and deepen insight into the mystery and meaning in our own lives.

This class is currently on hiatus. It may be taught again in the future, but it is currently undecided.

Interested? Have questions? Contact Phone: 831-427-9108

Part 1: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 

The Story in Sound and Image

Part 2: The Tree of Life as an alchemical map.

Alchemical symbolism embedded in the fairytale.

Part 3: Dreams and Alchemy:

Linking our Personal and the Archetypal worlds through the dream. The heart of this beloved fairy tale draws us inot into the alchemical opus; mining our unique Soul’s gold.

Eva Rider is a Jungian depth psychotherapist whose work encompasses unveiling the dream, its relationship to myth and the emerging creative process. Eva incorporates Jungian theory, dreams, alchemy, astrology, Tarot, fairy tale and myth in her work. She incorporates the Hermetic Kabbalah as a map of Cosmos, Psyche and Matter. She has taught at John F. Kennedy University and is a graduate of the Marion Woodman BodySoul® Leadership Training where she is an affiliate workshop instructor.

She presents at Jungian groups and teaches privately online and in person.