Jung, Alchemy & the Tree of Life Teleseminar


This teleseminar with Eva Rider, hosted by Colleen Russell of Quest 4 Wholeness, was originally held on Sunday, September 29, 2013, at 1 pm PDT.

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jofworks11 4The right way to wholeness is made up of…fateful detours and wrong turnings. It is a longissima via, not straight but snakelike, a path that unites the opposites in the manner of the guiding caduceus, a path whose labryrinthine twists and turns are not lacking in terrors. – C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into its ultimate matter and essence. – Phillippus Aureolus Paracelsus

Kabbalah means “to receive,” and The Tree of Life is a mandala which reveals the flow and movement of feminine and masculine energy from the divine to earth and back to the divine. It is the Tree of Life and of Knowledge, a magical key to how life, the cosmos and psyche are revealed within time and space.

The cross, the star, the symbol of the Tao all live in the heart of the tree symbolizing life, the union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. It also represents the center, meeting the divine in the human heart, with arms extended out into the four directions.

Join us as we explore the many symbols imbued in tree and how Jung’s work on alchemy and Marion Woodman’s BodySoul work can be depicted through the symbols of the tree.

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